UWA pays for 2 year old girl rehab

A two year old daughter of a wounded Ukrainian soldier got on our support list. Unfortunately, the family with 3 kids and a wounded dad was struggling. That is why the UWA decided to step in! For instance, we found a sponsor for the family. Now he sends crucial aid to them monthly! Moreover, thanks […]

Viktor Kardash and Natalie Ostryzniuk – Adopt a Soldier

Natalie Ostryzniuk is supporting UWA since 2015! Moreover, Natalie is a UWA coordinator in Regina, SK, Canada. In fact, Natalie raised $200 donation to support Ukrainian veterans! The donation of $200 covered  March – June 2018 stipends for a Hero within “Adopt A Soldier” program. Here is what Evan, Natalie’s son, wrote on his visit […]

ADOPT A SOLDIER Anniversary Skating!

Feb 23, 2018, Toroto, ON, Canada. “ADOPT A SOLDIER” program became 3! In fact, that’s the most popular program in UWA portfolio! Given the Canadian winter, skating was our way to celebrate! It goes without saying that that was ultimate fun! First of all, many new and long-time UWA supporters showed up. Furthermore, John Broadhead  […]

Nicole and Ihor – Adopt a Soldier

Dawn Nicole Dewberry, native to California, USA and the whole Dewberry family found themselves in Kyiv, Ukraine in March 2018 meeting with their sponsee from “ADOPT A SOLDIER” program Ihor Skavranskyy. The Dewberries took young Ukrainian Hero, who arrived from his native Zvenyhorodka to see his supporters from North Carolina, USA, for a shopping! Now […]