Natalie Ostryzniuk is supporting UWA since 2015! Moreover, Natalie is a UWA coordinator in Regina, SK, Canada. In fact, Natalie raised $200 donation to support Ukrainian veterans!

The donation of $200 covered  March – June 2018 stipends for a Hero within “Adopt A Soldier” program.

Here is what Evan, Natalie’s son, wrote on his visit to Victor Kardash and his family:

“I met with Viktor Kardash, who lost the lower part of his right leg in September 2015 while fighting Russian proxy forces near Shyrokyne, at his flat on 20 April 2018 to present him with $200 donated by Natalie Ostryzniuk from Regina, Canada.

He was feeding his 4-month old son when he let me in. His wife was at work, and while Viktor does his job from home, he is technically on paternity leave. Viktor is a very friendly man with a positive outlook on life.

He was all smiles as we talked about his time in the marines, what his old comrades were doing and how he helps others who have lost limbs. He works fitting prostheses, and is accredited in Ukraine and Europe. His own prosthesis was made in Ukraine using British technology, he told me. It also turns out that his father and brother were in the marines, so it was logical for him to follow in their footsteps when Ukraine set up its own marine regiment in 2015. He served with distinction and helps other wounded veterans to maintain a positive outlook and find their way in life.

His wife, whom he met while he was recovering in hospital, if I am not mistaken, arrived for lunch and the baby’s feeding. Fortunately, her work is within walking distance of their flat. Viktor told me that he is grateful for all the assistance he has been receiving from Ukraine War Amps and to pass on his sincere gratitude. We wish them well!”