100% of donations are sent to soldiers and their families. UWA Board members cover the operating costs.

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This initiative provides wounded warriors and their families a monthly stipend of about $50 USD for medicine, mobility or prosthetic devices and rehabilitation services until they can better care for themselves. Without this support, many of the soldiers’ injuries will become debilitating and their quality of life will be forever compromised because of the lack of available and affordable treatment in Ukraine. Adopt a Soldier provides a unique bridge between the donor and the recipient: Continuing contact via phone, email, Skype or Facebook is encouraged. Such interaction gives hope to the veterans and the knowledge that their sacrifice has not been forgotten. All proceeds go directly to the wounded to avoid misuse, and volunteers on the ground in Ukraine ensure that the donations are used for medical services.

This program helps and honors the sacrifice of families of Ukraine’s fallen heroes with monthly donations. Again, UWA ensures that all donations go directly to the family and that the money is spent on their needs, and we encourage continuing contact between the donors and the families. Many fallen soldiers were the main providers for the family and without them there is little financial support available

Here is a unique way to make your support even more personal. Travel to Ukraine as a guest of UWA volunteers and wounded soldiers. Make lifelong friendships by meeting families in their homes, sharing meals and stories. You also will have the opportunity to donate directly to those you visit, tailoring your donation to their specific and immediate needs.