About Us

Ukraine War Amps sole purpose is to assist Ukrainian soldiers , families of soldiers, patriots, veterans, children of war, refugees, victims of war and needy citizens of Ukraine that have been maimed, injured or displaced in the ongoing and long standing armed conflict in Ukraine. ALL of your assistance goes directly to the sponsee or cause that you support.

Please. Help us help!

Головна мета Ukraine War Amps це допомога українським військовим та патріотам, які перенесли ампутації та отримали важкі поранення підчас нинішньої війни в Україні.

Our Story

Since our humble beginnings in mid 2014 ukrainewaramps.ca and the UWA community has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and other aid and delivered it directly to wounded soldiers, families, veterans, needy citizens and children of war and other victims of war in Ukraine.

Ukraine War Amps was created in July 2014 with a $50 donation. UWA was founded by then co-workers Gene and John. Both worked in medical technology and saw an opportunity to use technology and the internet to crowdsource resources and donations. We provide financial assistance to those facing debilitating injuries from this horrific almost decade long war. For many Ukrainian veterans and other wounded heros accessing modern medical treatment and rehabilitation is beyond their very limited financial means.

Both Gene and John know the importance of proper medical treatment and have seen first hand the impact of technology and of our financial assistance on those recovering from serious injuries. Many Ukrainian soldiers and veterans lack the level of treatment their counterparts receive in countries like Canada. Hence, they often fail to obtain adequate care for their injuries.

Joined by hundreds of donor friends from all over the world, the Ukraine War Amps community helps alleviate the burden placed on both soldiers and their families by providing a means of donating a monthly, yearly, one time, or other stipend, so that our sponsees can heal and live to the best of their abilities. We are a bridge between you, the supporter, and your choice of cause or sponsee. We’ll spend one hundred percent of your money responsibly and in the best way possible.

Please. Help us help!


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