Dawn Nicole Dewberry, native to California, USA and the whole Dewberry family found themselves in Kyiv, Ukraine in March 2018 meeting with their sponsee from “ADOPT A SOLDIER” program Ihor Skavranskyy.

The Dewberries took young Ukrainian Hero, who arrived from his native Zvenyhorodka to see his supporters from North Carolina, USA, for a shopping! Now Ihor is well equipped for an upcoming job interviews!

Dawn Nicole Dewberry has written shortly after their famous meeting:
“So thankful for the visit with Ihor yesterday that we sponsor with Ukraine War Amps. I am so incredibly proud of him with all he has been through, determination to keep going and overcome. We have fun suit shopping with him as he is preparing to apply for the police department and still being persistent to see if the military will make an opening for him. He has a warriors heart, soul and mind and will not quit. Love and admire that about him. Thank you Ihor coming to see me. Also got to see Anya….and has some special time with her. Lotsa love kiddo.”