Sep 6, 2019 , Kyiv, Ukraine.
Dawn Nicole Dewberry of North Carolina, USA has been supporting a young Ukrainian veteran Ihor Skavranskyy for many years!
Both met in Kyiv in Sep 2019 for short and very happy reunion of adopter and adoptee!
In spring 2019 Ihor got married. As the newly weds expected their first baby girl,
Nicole, a long time Ukraine War Amps supporter and mother for 8 children, took Ihor for his first baby shower!!!
“A blast of a time to see Ihor, who is like a son to me and family to us whom we sponsor with UWA an amazing ministry supporting wounded Ukrainian war heroes. We love ya son and so good to see you. The exciting news is a precious baby girl in on the way in December to bless Ihor and his beautiful wife. So excited to be part of this blessing as her Godmother which I accepted graciously today. Woot woot!!! Hugs Ihor and see you soon!” – wrote Dawn in her Facebook post.
Thank you, Dawn Nicole Dewberry, for your deeds and care for Ukraine and its people!