Adopt a Soldier
Adopt a Soldier
This initiative provides wounded warriors and their families a monthly stipend of about $50 USD for medicine, mobility or prosthetic devices and rehabilitation services until they can better care for themselves.
I Care
I Care
This program helps and honors the sacrifice of families of Ukraine’s fallen heroes with monthly donations. Many fallen soldiers were the main providers for the family and without them there is little financial support available.
Visit a Soldier
Visit a Soldier
Here is a unique way to make your support even more personal. Travel to Ukraine as a guest of UWA volunteers and wounded soldiers. You also will have the opportunity to donate directly to those you visit, tailoring your donation to their specific and immediate needs.

Ukraine War Amps

Our organization is a worldwide grassroots community that has raised and delivered more than $150,000 USD to hundreds of victims of ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine — wounded soldiers and their families and the survivors of fallen heroes.


Established in July 2014 with a single $50 donation


300 individuals, including veterans and families aided so far


Over $150,000 USD delivered as of Sept 2019


UWA is run by volunteers and solely relies on its supporters


UWA is merely a bridge between the soldiers and donors

UWA is made possible by a team of volunteers working 24/7 all over the world to make aid available and deliver it directly to the recipients’ doorstep or bedside in any city, town or village within Ukraine in a timely manner.

All donations are verified by receipts. Because of its all-volunteer structure, UWA keeps overhead costs low, and 100% of your gift goes to the intended beneficiary.

The demand for support is still very high, and goes beyond helping people on an individual basis. Please do not leave these soldiers, their families and their nation as forgotten casualties of war. Read the stories on our site, choose the soldier or family you would like to support, and become a ray of hope today.

How It Works

1) You choose a beneficiary (soldier or family) from our list.
2) You choose an amount to donate and send it to UWA.
3) UWA transfers your donation to one of our representatives in Ukraine.
4) The representative in Ukraine delivers your donation to your beneficiary.
5) Your beneficiary acknowledges the receipt of your donation by sharing pictures with us.


Your help is essential to support all soldiers and their families.


To join our group of local and International volunteers, we invite you to visit our current volunteer opportunities.