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The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council Euromaidan Committee (UCC-MPC EC) has worked with the UWA for the past several years. The UCC-MPC EC has funded several amputees or severely wounded soldiers through the UWA program and we have been happy with the high-level of transparency and accountability that UWA provides...
- Ostap Skrypnyk, UCC-MPC Euromaidan Committee
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I am proud to support the work of the Ukraine War Amps (UWA) in Canada. The UWA exemplifies what non-for-profit organizations suppose to do. The UWA is transparent and responsive in their work to the needs of the community at large...
- Denys Volkov, UWA Supporter
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We are all very impressed with the operation of UWA and their effectiveness with providing finances and support to the brave but unfortunate disabled soldiers. These men became disabled because of their patriotism to acquire democracy for their beloved homeland, Ukraine...
- Natalie Ostryzniukm, UWA Supporter
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The Public Service of Ukraine expresses its deep gratitude to Ukraine War Amps (UWA) for the help which had been already provided and is being provided through our organization to Ukrainian combatants and their families who have suffered from the Russian aggression on land of Ukraine...
- Ruslan Dobrovolskyy, Head of Social Service of Ukraine
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City of Kamyanets-Podilskyy, Ukraine:

To the international charitable organization “Ukraine War Amps” for its financial support to the veterans of the anti-terrorist operation and joined-forces operation who were seriously wounded in the line of duty.

– Mayor of Kamyanets-Podilskyy, M. Simashkevych

Organization of the veterans of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), City and District of Kamyanets-Podilskyy:

Thanks to the international charitable organization “Ukraine War Amps” for its constant financial support to soldiers, ATO veterans, who were seriously wounded in the line of duty.

– Chairman of the organization, Pavlo Vasylenko | Oct 2018

To Honoured UWA:

For active participation and civic stance in building independent and free Ukraine. United we win!

– Head of women’s movement “For Free Ukraine”, R. Shmatko

Documentary Trailer

To Each Their Own Crusade

A documentary about all who support the disabled veterans in Ukraine.


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