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UWA pays for 2 year old girl rehab

This is Evelina – a two year old daughter of a wounded Ukrainian soldier. The Hladiys have three children and […]

I CARE program

Donated Clothes and toys bring Hope and Joy to families and kids! Ukraine War Amps active member and long-time supporter […]


Ausra and David Tartter, long time Ukraine War Amps supporters from the USA, visited Lviv in Apr 2018. From David’s […]

Dirk and Roman – Visit a Soldier

Ukraine War Amps’ program “Visit a Soldier” is a unique and empowering experience. This program allows you to visit and […]

Viktor Kardash and Natalie Ostryzniuk – Adopt a Soldier

Evan Ostryzniuk delivered a generous donation to a Hero Viktor Kardash on behalf of Natalie Ostryzniuk, the UWA Regina, SK, […]

UWA February Event

Ukraine War Amps runs Adopt a Soldier and I CARE About Fallen Hero’s Family and Visit A Soldier projects for Ukrainian veterans. Ukraine War Amps is a […]

Psyanka Workshop

PYSANKA WORKSHOP RAISES C$104! On April 2, 2018, Ivanka Babiak, Ukraine War Amps coordinator for Manitoba, hosted a special pysanka […]

Nicole and Ihor – Adopt a Soldier

Dawn Nicole Dewberry, native to California, USA and the whole Dewberry family found themselves in Kyiv, Ukraine in March 2018 […]